Definition of come to pass in English:

come to pass


  • Happen; occur.

    ‘it came to pass that she had two sons’
    • ‘And tell him to take this opportunity to make sure that doesn't come to pass.’
    • ‘But if such a ban did indeed come to pass, would that make the system stable?’
    • ‘As if to allow their predictions to come true, the international community has presided over the coming to pass of a deteriorating socio-economic climate for young people.’
    • ‘And so it has come to pass, but in a rather different way than she predicted.’
    • ‘And there is an acknowledgement that the truly big occasions must be savoured to the full lest they never come to pass again.’
    • ‘That's a pretty hopeful view; it would be nice to see it come to pass, if only partially.’
    • ‘And that's exactly what's come to pass - they won the war, then they seemed to be at a total loss as to what to do next.’
    • ‘The party's boasts during the last parliament that it had replaced the Conservatives as the main opposition did not come to pass.’
    • ‘As it is still being run by a management team, not all of these things have come to pass although they they probably will when a new franchisee has been found.’
    • ‘He suggested that it was likely I was going get an interview, and indeed that did come to pass.’
    happen, come about, occur, transpire, arise
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