Definition of come naturally in English:

come naturally


  • (of an action or skill) be easily accomplished, without the need for teaching or practice.

    ‘for some people creative writing may come naturally’
    • ‘Some artists abandon what they can't do well, some knock themselves out trying to master what doesn't come naturally.’
    • ‘Balan, who is 75 % blind, says massage comes naturally to him.’
    • ‘Wayne said he works very much alongside the composer with what comes naturally.’
    • ‘No, indeed, contentment does not come naturally.’
    • ‘Their gambit inspired Lewis, to whom the pursuit of social justice undoubtedly comes naturally.’
    • ‘We are living in an age where excuses come naturally.’
    • ‘Managing your own business is an enormous undertaking, often requiring skills which may not come naturally.’
    • ‘Best of all, the game fits its theme beautifully, with all the mechanics coming naturally out of the game's background.’
    • ‘Just goes to show, cooking just doesn't come naturally to me.’
    • ‘For most of the emotional scenes, I didn't use glycerin, the tears came naturally.’