Definition of come into play in English:

come into play


  • Becoming active, operative, or effective.

    ‘luck comes into play’
    • ‘I just thought there would be quite a bit of reporting whether or not that law would come into play here.’
    • ‘Proximity doesn't come into play in the case of Japan, which produces 5 million of our visitors.’
    • ‘All variety of perceptual illusion comes into play to cover up the flaws in the technology.’
    • ‘Most notably, at least two helicopters that have rescue hoists, you know, which obviously could come into play.’
    • ‘This is where personal campaigning by influential people here comes into play.’
    • ‘Throughout my course of investigation, I have seen this tenet come into play many times.’
    • ‘Then moral factors come into play - which, for some people, is too much to cope with.’
    • ‘Adding to the complexity, state ethics rules also come into play.’
    • ‘The concern for our joint responsibility to encourage rehabilitation should come into play in borderline cases.’
    • ‘There comes a point in the refurbishment process where the law of diminishing returns come into play.’