Definition of come into (or go out of) operation in English:

come into (or go out of) operation


  • Begin (or cease) functioning or having effect.

    ‘our new system has come into operation’
    • ‘He may have entered Ireland before the database came into operation in 2001.’
    • ‘Cooperative managers were asked what local employment and business impact would be felt by the local economy if the cooperative were to go out of operation.’
    • ‘Traffic chaos could be on the cards as the council announced that the new one-way traffic system will come into operation on May 25.’
    • ‘Please note that most of the VAT amendments have come into operation on 1 October.’
    • ‘Workers stopped work when all the toilets in the building went out of operation.’
    • ‘The town's pay parking system is due to come into operation early next year.’
    • ‘In the meantime a rota system came into operation whereby the children took turns to weed, water, and generally care for the seedling vegetables.’