Definition of come in for in English:

come in for

phrasal verb

  • Receive or be the object of (a reaction), typically a negative one.

    ‘he has come in for a lot of criticism’
    • ‘Care homes in recent years have come in for much negative publicity.’
    • ‘After all, it is she who once again seems to be coming in for all the flack.’
    • ‘He led by example in the middle of the field despite coming in for a lot of physical attention throughout the game.’
    • ‘The poor old supporters have been coming in for an awful lot of stick over the past few weeks.’
    • ‘He casts a jaundiced eye on all the major institutions, but none comes in for more criticism than this.’
    • ‘But the bank is coming in for heavy criticism of its handling of the report.’
    • ‘It comes in for so much criticism, I felt I must write to tell you about my treatment.’
    • ‘Despite its academic credentials, it comes in for equally vehement condemnation from the traditionalists.’
    • ‘It's good to see any part of it so nicely commended because it usually comes in for criticism and negative reportage.’
    • ‘He is now coming in for criticism from colleagues, who assert that his absence is further proof of the leader's casual approach to the job.’
    receive, experience, sustain, undergo, meet with, encounter, face, go through, be subjected to, be the object of, bear the brunt of, suffer, have to put up with, have to bear, have to endure
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