Definition of come home to someone in English:

come home to someone


  • (of the significance of something) become fully realized by someone.

    ‘the full enormity of what was happening came home to Sara’
    • ‘The horror of all this came home to me in an unforgettable way a few years ago when I visited the Indiana State Penitentiary at Michigan City.’
    • ‘If the powerful negativity of a really bad mistake doesn't come home to you, then that mistake has been useless to you.’
    • ‘For the first time it truly came home to us what had happened and despite our frivolity what might have been lost on the M4 today.’
    • ‘As he checked the items, the cost of the whole endeavour came home to me.’
    • ‘As the train effectively emptied at the Excel Centre it really started coming home to me what I had agreed to do.’
    • ‘The Civil Rights - the marches, and so forth - had begun, but it really hadn't come home to me what these people were going through.’
    • ‘People love doing it and it really comes home to you at the end when you go up to the wards.’
    • ‘That is the time where the responsibility really comes home to you.’
    • ‘It was only then that the true lack of Scottish involvement in this tour really came home to us.’
    • ‘They looked pretty normal, but the reality of what I was about to do was only just coming home to me.’
    make an impression, get through, sink in, fall into place, penetrate, have an effect, dawn, strike home, be understood
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