Definition of come before in English:

come before

phrasal verb

  • Be dealt with by (a judge or court)

    ‘it is the most controversial issue to come before the Supreme Court’
    • ‘I think the issue will come before the Supreme Court again in the next couple of years.’
    • ‘That could happen in almost every case in which a trial is dealt with at first instance and comes before a court of appeal.’
    • ‘It is not the case, with respect to my learned friend, that this is the first time this issue has come before the court.’
    • ‘We must therefore always be aware of the substantive issues that come before the Court.’
    • ‘When the assessment came before the Judge the claim was under four heads of damage.’
    • ‘Preparations are forging ahead for a judicial review, which will come before a High Court judge in Swansea.’
    • ‘It seems to me unfortunate that cases are coming before the courts regularly now which deal with these issues where the parties are still not aware of the approach taken by the Court of Appeal.’
    • ‘The application for possession then comes before the County Court.’
    • ‘I have already said that the matter first came before a District Judge.’
    • ‘I appealed to the Federal Court of Australia and my matter came before a single judge of that court.’