Definition of come a cropper in English:

come a cropper


  • 1Fall heavily.

    ‘he came the most appalling cropper—I think he knocked himself out’
    • ‘Hopefully there will be no repeat of his first attempt over fences when he came a cropper.’
    • ‘It is a tricky exit, there are two steps and it is steep and I've almost come a cropper down it several times,’ he added.’
    • ‘His task was made that bit easier when his nearest challenger came a cropper on the back straight.’
    • ‘True, he has, at times, come a cropper over fences but he had no difficulty handling the jumping last year.’
    • ‘To-date motorists unlucky enough to have come a cropper on the spillages have, at least, survived the experience.’
    • ‘Mark came a cropper on the way down but luckily, the only thing damaged was his pride.’
    • ‘The day before he should have been in London to pick up an award for his stunning pile-up picture of cyclists coming a cropper in the Sydney Olympics.’
    topple over, tumble over, keel over, fall down, fall over, go head over heels, go end over end, fall headlong, go headlong, collapse, fall in a heap, take a spill, pitch forward
    get into debt, get into arrears, default, be in the red, be late, be overdue
    fall over, fall, topple over, tumble down, keel over, collapse, fall in a heap, trip, take a spill, stumble, stagger
    fail to meet, fail to reach, fail to live up to
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    1. 1.1 Suffer a defeat or disaster.
      ‘the club's challenge for the championship has come a cropper’
      • ‘The director said the film had earlier come a cropper in India due to poor marketing.’
      • ‘Some apple and kiwfruit growers are facing big income drops this year as marketers have come a cropper in Europe and America.’
      • ‘If you have opted for 100 per cent exposure to say, the Japanese equity market, this is clearly a high-risk bet for your retirement - which could easily come a cropper.’
      • ‘Airport transfers have been the cause of many a DIY holiday coming a cropper.’
      • ‘Once you turn the political contest into a strict test of personal character and behaviour, even the apparently most strait-laced leader is likely to come a cropper in the end.’
      • ‘Having excelled at the Commonwealth championship, the women came a cropper in Canada, failing to win a single medal.’
      • ‘Sri Lanka had looked good in the tournament so far, but they came a cropper today.’
      • ‘All of them came a cropper against more powerful and better prepared rivals.’
      • ‘Then he will increase the bet and while lucky sometimes, he's come a cropper lately.’
      • ‘A set of corrective measures must be put in place quickly if the government is not to come a cropper.’
      fail, collapse, go bankrupt, become insolvent, go into receivership, go into liquidation, crash, fold, fold up, go under, founder, be ruined, cave in
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