Definition of come (or spring) to mind in English:

come (or spring) to mind


  • (of a thought) occur to someone.

    ‘the idea of global warming comes to mind when we see what's happening’
    • ‘In fact, new ideas come to mind so fast that I have to write them down in order not to forget them.’
    • ‘It's where I find ideas coming to mind in an uncluttered, unhurried way, without pressure or contrivance.’
    • ‘The idea of a fundraising walk sprang to mind readily and the friends set about canvassing family and friends for sponsorship.’
    • ‘These days, whenever we think of an archeologist, that whip-cracking adventurer Indiana Jones springs to mind.’
    • ‘If you were to have an idea to base a cafe around one particular foodstuff, then eggs probably wouldn't be the first thing in the fridge that springs to mind.’
    • ‘There isn't any music that springs to mind when I think of it.’
    • ‘Carry a notebook so you can jot down ideas that spring to mind.’
    • ‘But as I thought, an even more wicked idea sprang to mind.’
    • ‘Mind you, the thought does spring to mind that perhaps they should not have been paid this increase if they did not sign up to the full deal.’
    • ‘The Thai fish cakes are an example that springs to mind.’
    occur to one, come to one, come to mind, spring to mind, enter one's head, enter one's mind, strike one, hit one, dawn on one, come into one's consciousness, suggest itself
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