Definition of come (or go) over big in English:

come (or go) over big


  • Have a great effect; be a success.

    ‘the story went over big with the children’
    • ‘Juggling also goes over big - especially with fire.’
    • ‘The loss of the player to the Raiders didn't go over big with his former teammates.’
    • ‘I bet the massage thing would go over big, too - it's a very physical job, and aches and pains are par for the course.’
    • ‘It went over big with the crowd, and if you voted for the opposition, you probably found it amusing.’
    • ‘These ideas obviously went over big with our gift testers.’
    • ‘Figure out the answer to that and you are well on your way to finding gifts that will go over big.’
    • ‘He began by saying he hadn't come to relive the 2000 election - and then spent half his speech doing just that, which of course went over big with the crowd.’
    • ‘It is, rather, sentimental, and sentimentality always goes over big in the commercial theater, so long as it's disguised as realism.’
    • ‘I realize this will probably not go over big with a lot of CIOs - my saying they're hiding behind their technology.’
    • ‘These days you only have to give the audience a hint that their collective hands should beat out a rhythm, in order to reassure those on stage that they are going over big.’