Definition of come-at-able in English:



dated, informal
  • Able to be reached or obtained.

    • ‘The Chancellor of the Exchequer seemed, in this instance, to snatch the cash directly wherever it was come-at-able.’
    • ‘This manure is not come-at-able in sufficient quantities to use on a large scale.’
    • ‘Still, twenty thousand pounds in diamonds, in a box easily come-at-able, sealed with the French Syndic's seal, was worth having.’
    • ‘The 'Trinity Audit Ale' is not come-at-able, as I've found to my great grief when dining at that table.’
    • ‘At mid-day they have a mixture of boiled potatoes and the scraps from the house, and barley, pea, or bean meal, whichever may be the cheapest or most come-at-able.’
    accessible, attainable, reachable, obtainable
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