Definition of combustion chamber in English:

combustion chamber


  • An enclosed space in which combustion takes place, especially in an engine or furnace.

    • ‘The re-trial demonstrated that gas phase combustion problems resulting from low residence times within the combustion chamber and other factors could be considerably reduced by increasing furnace gas temperature and turbulence.’
    • ‘As the engine load increases, the head tilts by up to four degrees in order to lower the effective compression ratio by altering the volume of the combustion chamber with the piston at top dead center.’
    • ‘Their subject of focus is the instabilities created when air and liquid mix under pressure - as in the combustion chamber of a diesel motor or rocket engine.’
    • ‘To make 7,000 horsepower, the air/fuel ratio going into the combustion chamber of a nitro fuel engine is phenomenal.’
    • ‘Also, the combustion chamber in the rotary engine is larger, which facilitates a better burn of the fuel.’
    • ‘Some older combination boilers or furnaces use a single combustion chamber for both fuels.’
    • ‘In a typical gasoline internal-combustion engine, fuel enters the combustion chamber when an inlet valve opens.’
    • ‘The combustion chamber of a four-stroke engine is designed to induce turbulence through the addition of ‘squish’ areas in which the top of the piston is the mirror image of a corresponding area of the cylinder head.’
    • ‘Carbon deposits holding the valves open can cause cold no-start/hard-start complaints, suggesting these engines will benefit from a combustion chamber cleaning.’
    • ‘The hydrogen can then be mixed in the vehicle combustion chamber with gasoline.’
    • ‘The intake turbine compresses the air (with the pressure measured by a sensor) and feeds it to the combustion chamber of the engine.’
    • ‘Rather, features like high pressure turbocharging and common rail fuel injection are imposing higher loads on all components, and especially the crankshaft and the combustion chamber.’
    • ‘In general, check the flame in the furnace combustion chamber at the beginning of the heating season.’
    • ‘Fuel is injected into the combustion chamber through a six-hole injector nozzle, with high-precision solenoid valve control guaranteeing exact measurement and delivery of fuel, as well as precise injection timing.’
    • ‘‘Essentially, we began with an optimized combustion chamber, then designed the rest of the engine to complement that,’ he notes.’
    • ‘Timing belts synchronize the action of the pistons and valves in the combustion chamber, preventing them from occupying the same space at the same time.’
    • ‘In these systems, a liquid-to-air heat exchanger replaces the conventional combustion chamber in oil and gas furnaces, or electric resistance heating elements in electric furnaces.’
    • ‘A lot depends on the type of chamber you have and how efficient it can be, so it goes back to designing the combustion chamber to handle higher compression ratios without adversely affecting emissions.’
    • ‘This furnace differed from the previous one in that it did not rely upon the air surrounding the furnace for the air required by its combustion chamber.’
    • ‘The downside is that tiny amounts of oil can force their way up past the piston ring into the combustion chamber.’


combustion chamber