Definition of combine harvester in English:

combine harvester


  • An agricultural machine that reaps, threshes, and cleans a cereal crop in one operation.

    • ‘Later, machinery was introduced, and now threshing is done instantly inside a combine harvester.’
    • ‘A combine harvester requires only one operator, which is a big consideration nowadays, when labour is hard to come by.’
    • ‘We needed the stones to fill in some holes in the farmyard, but they had to be collected anyway as they can damage the blades of the combine harvester come hay harvesting time.’
    • ‘I am looking forward to getting back on my combine harvester.’
    • ‘Clearly, the closer a family car resembles a cross between a combine harvester and a rocket launcher, the happier today's families are.’
    • ‘Now, the days of the binder are gone and short-strawed varieties of grain have been specially bred to be harvested by the combine harvester.’
    • ‘He explains how grateful he was when the club found some missing linkage off his combine harvester which saved him a couple of otherwise lost days.’
    • ‘It puts one in mind of a combine harvester where processes of cutting, threshing, and cleaning grain take place simultaneously - broadly coordinated but at the same time independent of one another.’
    • ‘I craned my neck to look skywards, assuming that a plane must be about to come down on the house, then looked out towards the big field to see if any kids had stolen a ride in a combine harvester with a blue light on it.’
    • ‘Then the couple had to work out how to harvest the crop - it has incredibly tough stalks that can destroy the blades on a combine harvester.’
    • ‘Exhibitors came from as far away as Yorkshire and attractions included cattle-judging competitions, a vintage tractor, a combine harvester display and a steam fun fair.’
    • ‘The RAF base was split into five areas with over £1 million worth of vehicles on site, including cement mixers, a monster truck, an ambulance and a combine harvester.’
    • ‘I never had any experience with a combine harvester; it was all done using a binder when I was involved.’
    • ‘This can take place prior to harvest due to disturbance of the canopy by wind or during harvesting as the combine harvester machinery moves through the crop.’
    • ‘Was the combine harvester modelled on any particular make?’
    • ‘A lone combine harvester was beached on a distant field.’
    • ‘He said the combine harvester business was good in 2001 and there are reports it appears to be steady, so far, in 2002.’
    • ‘It was delayed and we thought that the combine harvester might get stuck.’
    • ‘His neighbours have farmed his land for the past two years and yesterday they were repairing his combine harvester in readiness for gathering in the wheat once again.’
    • ‘A self-propelled combine harvester includes a separation unit having at least one rotor housing, a sieve mechanism with sieve openings and a rotor rotatably mounted therein.’


combine harvester