Definition of combination skin in English:

combination skin


mass noun
  • A type of facial complexion characterized by an oily forehead, nose, and chin and relatively dry cheeks.

    ‘using an excessive amount of moisturizer on combination skin will lead to blocked pores’
    • ‘It has created the ultimate makeup for combination skin.’
    • ‘He was born with combination skin - not too oily, and not too dry.’
    • ‘After washing your face or showering, immediately apply an oil-free moisturizer if you're acne-prone or have combination skin.’
    • ‘I use the one targeted for those with combination skin.’
    • ‘Women with combination skin develop the tell-tale shiny T-zone along the forehead, nose and chin - where the sebaceous glands are more numerous.’
    • ‘Girls, especially, can suffer from combination skin, where the T-zone is oily but cheeks are dry.’
    • ‘Lotion is the most common form of moisturizer, good for normal or combination skin.’
    • ‘Normal and combination skin will benefit most from a gel formula.’
    • ‘Skin that is oily in the T-zone (the forehead, chin and the area surrounding the nose), signals a combination skin of normal to oily, the most common skin type.’
    • ‘Intended for dry skin, this cleanser also felt right on combination skin.’
    • ‘On her stand was examples of skin products for young, mature, dry, oily and combination skin.’
    • ‘If your skin is a little oily and a little dry, try foundations for combination skin; they contain ‘smart’ microspheres that hydrate areas that need moisture while delivering oil control to shiny spots.’
    • ‘Oral pill (singly or in combination) and combination skin patch formulations are available.’
    • ‘All these products are all oil free, so you won't have to worry about blocking your pores or anything if you have oily / combination skin (like yours truly).’
    • ‘For normal to dry skin or normal to combination skin, it costs £39.50.’
    • ‘People with dry skin are advised to apply oil moisturizers, while those with combination skin are better off using moisturizers with a high moisture content.’
    • ‘At the moment, you can buy products for normal & combination skin or products for dry & sensitive skin.’