Definition of combination oven in English:

combination oven


  • An oven operating by both conventional heating and microwaves.

    • ‘It offers all the efficiency of combination oven cooking, plus adds the benefit of smoking, hot or cold, with authentic wood smoke flavor.’
    • ‘These microwave combination ovens are intended to overcome some of the problems with microwave-only ovens, while maintaining the advantage of speed over conventional ovens.’
    • ‘Microwave combination ovens (with convection or conventional heat) may have spills cook on from heat present.’
    • ‘Similar to steamers, these combination ovens incorporated a separate boiler or steam generator to maintain humidity in the cooking compartment, and required a continuous stream of cooling water to lower the temperature of water exiting the cooking cavity before it reached the drain.’
    • ‘Mixed combination ovens utilize concurrent and consecutive combination zones in a single enclosure.’