Definition of combination lock in English:

combination lock


  • A lock that is opened by rotating a set of marked or numbered dials to show a specific sequence.

    • ‘She arrived at her locker, expertly opening her combination lock and then unpacking her backpack with the many textbooks it held.’
    • ‘The press of the coded buttons opens the combination lock, easily re-set by the owner, even with no visible light.’
    • ‘About the size of a deck of cards, it has a three-digit combination lock with a built-in motion detector and a steel cable that locks to your laptop or briefcase.’
    • ‘He threw his binder into his locker and hastily locked the combination lock back on.’
    • ‘In some designs, the standard combination lock is supplemented by a direct key lock that gives the owner immediate access to their safe.’
    • ‘She lifted the picture off the wall, set it aside, and saw that there was a silver dial, like a combination lock, on the wall.’
    • ‘He turned the combination lock on one and opened the door, revealing a stack of books and notebooks, with dozens of papers mixed within.’
    • ‘I twirled the combination lock and opened my locker.’
    • ‘He just rolled his eyes so I returned to opening my combination lock.’
    • ‘I stepped in front and began to turn the combination lock.’
    • ‘The cases have a combination lock and two to four key locks.’
    • ‘It has a quick-entry combination lock and holds two large-frame pistols.’
    • ‘There's a combination lock on a drawer so no one could get into it.’
    • ‘She turned the combination lock and her locker swung open.’
    • ‘Eventually arriving at his locker, he quickly spun the three numbers needed to unlock the combination lock and pulled upwards on the latch, opening the rickety metal door.’
    • ‘She began rolling the combination lock at her locker.’
    • ‘She reached her locker and casually flipped it open, using her combination lock.’
    • ‘The combination lock clicked open, and he shoved his schoolbooks in messily.’
    • ‘But seeing that the vandal was nowhere in sight, she opened the locker, emptied out everything she didn't need, and clamped her combination lock on it.’
    • ‘With a final slam, she locked her locker by twisting the combination lock beside the keyhole.’


combination lock