Definition of combi in English:



  • A machine or appliance with two or more functions.

    as modifier ‘a combi oven’
    • ‘However if you have a combi boiler, therefore no water tank, they have to provide you with bottled water.’
    • ‘Computers, combi TVs and DVD's, stereos and playstations are all high on the Christmas list this year and are available at highly competitive rates throughout the city.’
    • ‘In the gathering evening, smoke wafted into the big combi.’
    • ‘I also like Vegemite sandwiches, and I've travelled in a fried-out combi.’
    • ‘Without the ability to produce enormous volumes right off, the combi machine pays off through long-term, relentless production, reduced downtime, and controlled costs.’
    • ‘I thought it was something to do with the fault with our combi.’
    • ‘The kitchen includes a combi boiler, base and wall units, and complementary work surfaces.’
    • ‘Knowing that the one harvester will not manage to keep the forwarder busy in this small wood, the contractor is looking to the combi machine to balance the operation for maximum use.’


1960s: abbreviation of combination.