Definition of combat trousers in English:

combat trousers

plural noun

  • Loose trousers with large patch pockets halfway down each leg, typically made of hard-wearing cotton.

    • ‘It wasn't only us who were keen to throw off our city suits and urban combat trousers.’
    • ‘He wore combat trousers and a dark hat with a white motif.’
    • ‘Only a few Scots were present, along with some dubious-looking extras wearing very pristine combat trousers and brand new hiking boots.’
    • ‘He was wearing a black leather jacket with combat trousers.’
    • ‘I've recently had the desire to expand my wardrobe beyond t-shirts and combat trousers and to experiment with colours a bit.’
    • ‘The second is aged between 30 to 40, squat, of stocky build and wearing a black shirt, green combat trousers and boots.’
    • ‘Granted, the welly is one of a long line of military garments - including chinos, trench-coats, desert boots and combat trousers - that have made the transition from the barrack room to the civilian wardrobe.’
    • ‘He wore a dark hooded top and green army-style combat trousers.’
    • ‘She was just giving me a lift and her girlfriend, although dressed like a commando, refused to give me the passenger seat and lie in the back in case it made her combat trousers dirty.’
    • ‘He looked like some sort of soldier, sitting in the driver seat in his combat trousers and vest, hands firmly on the wheel, his jaw pointing at the horizon and his eyes on the road.’
    • ‘She described a man in his late teens to early 20s, wearing a dark leather jacket and dark combat trousers with scruffy blond hair.’
    • ‘I was in a green parka, combat trousers and had had dirty stubble put all over my chin.’
    • ‘I made the mistake of wearing big baggy combat trousers to the tailors and basically they have copied the style for the new trousers when I was hoping for some a little more formal.’
    • ‘A jungle theme is apparent throughout with net tops for men and women and combat trousers with bell and bottoms for blokes.’
    • ‘On the morning we meet she is casually dressed in black satin combat trousers, a black T-shirt under a lilac, lace-trimmed cardigan worn with black trainers.’
    • ‘He has filled out considerably, seems to have aged at an exponential rate and, tonight, looks every inch the trendy uncle in his hooded top and combat trousers.’
    • ‘And she's the first person I've ever seen who looks splendid in ruched combat trousers.’
    • ‘He was wearing a cream jumper, dark combat trousers and black boots.’
    • ‘I didn't mind the quip because, in reality, I did resemble a rather large, over-inflated Michelin man with my balaclava tucked into a black, bubble-wrap style jacket and thick combat trousers.’
    • ‘At a junction where the traffic lights had stuck on red a man in a flak jacket and combat trousers took it upon himself to direct the sparse traffic.’