Definition of columnist in English:



  • A journalist contributing regularly to a newspaper or magazine.

    • ‘What journalism needs now, he says, is fewer columnists and more reporters getting out of the office and talking to real people.’
    • ‘He currently resides in Barbados and is a weekly newspaper columnist.’
    • ‘It's worth remembering that newspaper columnists write one or maybe two features a week.’
    • ‘He was a prolific essayist and widely syndicated newspaper columnist.’
    • ‘Perhaps the best sports columnist of all time, Smith wrote what he saw.’
    • ‘Today, he is the paper's nationally recognized, award-winning humor columnist.’
    • ‘Most of them are opinions held by regular columnists in the paper deliberately stuck in there to wind people up.’
    • ‘Frankly, it's frustrating for our journalists and columnists to have to find new ways to rehash the same material.’
    • ‘It's a story you hear trotted out by politicians trying to make a point or ivory tower newspaper columnists trying to fill a page.’
    • ‘And a gossip columnist can get sued every bit as quickly as any reporter.’
    • ‘I'm going to become a teen magazine advice columnist.’
    • ‘I'd seen what those newspaper columnists had been sprouting first hand.’
    • ‘Ten nationally syndicated columnists wrote columns violently attacking me and the university for this unprecedented assault on American values.’
    • ‘"You shouldn't trust what those gossip columnists write, " she chided.’
    • ‘Some newspaper columnists use that one for anything they don't like or that one of their mates has argued against.’
    • ‘For many newspaper editors and columnists, some sections of society seem to be fair game.’
    • ‘He is a widely syndicated newspaper columnist, a frequent contributor to leading periodicals, and a lecturer.’
    • ‘Since then the gossip columnists have been doing their best to sniff out the real reasons behind the split.’
    • ‘Several columnists for mainstream daily newspapers cut to the heart of the matter.’
    • ‘He is a graduate student at Harvard University and a columnist for the Journalist magazine.’
    writer, feature writer, contributor, journalist, correspondent, newspaperman, newspaperwoman, newsman, newswoman
    wordsmith, man of letters, woman of letters, penman
    humorist, critic, reviewer, commentator, chronicler
    scribbler, scribe, pen-pusher, hack, hackette, journo, talking head
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