Definition of colourist in English:


(US colorist)


  • 1An artist or designer who uses colour in a special or skilful way.

    • ‘She likes to call herself a colorist, and one look at her landscape paintings will explain why.’
    • ‘He is evident here, too, as a distinctive colourist, preferring quieter pinks, violets and yellows to the bolder oranges, reds, greens and blues of Bellini and Titian.’
    • ‘Over the years he has been described as an abstract expressionist, a surrealist and a colourist, but he is not quite any of these things.’
    • ‘Moon was a sophisticated colorist exploring what possibilities presented themselves within each painting.’
    • ‘No painter who has been labelled ‘baroque’ has surpassed Rubens, the supreme colourist.’
    • ‘Not all colorists worked with artists as eminent as Dürer.’
    • ‘A colorist makes his presence known even in a single charcoal drawing.’
    • ‘I showed them examples of artists known as colorists, Paul Gauguin and Franz Marc, so they could see how one might choose to manipulate the viewer's eye.’
    • ‘But he drew greater inspiration from studying the old masters in the Louvre, in particular such colourists as Rubens and Veronese.’
    • ‘She too was a pupil of Matisse and is regarded as one of the finest colourists among Swedish artists of her generation.’
    • ‘He was the greatest colourist since Matisse.’
    • ‘His simple yet remarkably efficient and original technique of pictorial production combined with his gifts as a colorist make this a highly rewarding series of pictures.’
    • ‘A strong colorist, she seemingly delights in bold juxtapositions.’
    • ‘McGraw, who has made gouache a specialty, is a marvelous colorist in the medium.’
    • ‘The Berry-Hill exhibition confirmed Hartley as an extraordinary colorist.’
    • ‘As a colorist he is generally restrained, but, in these paintings, startling reds, golden yellow and vibrant green enliven his palette.’
    • ‘As a colorist, Vicki's understanding of color theory runs deep, but as an oil painter, her talent with color is exceptional.’
    • ‘After early experiments with ink drawing, he revealed himself as a committed colorist.’
    • ‘For the last 20 years, he has been renowned in Holland as a colorist.’
    • ‘Marc Chagall, who died in 1985 at the age of 98, is considered to be one of the twentieth century's great masters and sophisticated colourists.’
    1. 1.1 A person who tints black-and-white films.
      • ‘Then Dodge, who is considered by his peers to be one of the top professional colorists on the East Coast, hand-colors the print.’
      • ‘He was active as a painter, teacher, and colorist of photographs from 1884 to 1915.’
      • ‘Many professional print colorists existed, and their work was valued far more than the uncolored prints.’
      • ‘Korshev looked at film close-ups and, with a colorist's eye for khakis and ochres, painted a soldier who has lost an eye but stares unblinkingly at the viewer.’
      • ‘Then they gave me the opportunity to make new masters of all of my films, so I went in with a colourist to make them visually perfect.’
      • ‘These are extreme examples of the magical effect colourists can have on film.’
      • ‘Many studios employed colorists to tint the images.’
    2. 1.2 A hairdresser who specializes in dyeing people's hair.
      • ‘Here are four ways to avoid similar salon disasters with the help of expert insight straight from stylists and colorists themselves.’
      • ‘Schedule a consultation with a colorist to make your hair radiate.’
      • ‘So there I was sitting in the hairdressers saying to Jake my colourist and Mike my stylist, ‘Go on boys, just do what you like!’’
      • ‘I wouldn't even know what kind of salon or barber to go to for starters; it would seem weird to go to the same hair colorist as my girlfriend.’
      • ‘Most hair colorists are happy to use a product that a customer prefers.’
      • ‘Find someone more compelling than a hair colorist to the stars to follow around for a day.’
      • ‘That was the period when hairdressers began specialising as cutters or colourists.’
      • ‘When we first arrived here I was bemoaning the fact that I had left my marvelous hair colourist in London.’
      • ‘I can't make it to the colorist before Wednesday, and I don't trust the people at my local beauty supply store enough to ask their advice.’
      • ‘A talented colorist can also add wonderful depth to your overall face with multi-dimensional color.’
      • ‘My colorist willingly accepts his tip and I get an appointment when I need one.’
      • ‘But she also adds that she is still not sure about her future and might become a hair colorist, which would also mean high exposure to chemicals.’
      • ‘He insisted that he needed his own personal make-up artist and hair stylist and two hair colourists.’
      • ‘Most salons that style men's hair also offer a colorist.’
      • ‘If the color you purchased doesn't turn out the way you intended, it's imperative that you consult an experienced colorist in order to get it retouched.’
      • ‘If you highlight your hair, consider asking your colorist to include touches of gold (warm blondes) that blend with your hair and skin.’
      • ‘To find a qualified hair colorist, ask friends or acquaintances for references.’
      • ‘Find a local salon and tell them you need an appointment with their best colorist.’