Definition of colourant in English:


(US colorant)


  • A dye, pigment, or other substance that colours something.

    ‘a range of natural hair colourants’
    mass noun ‘the amount of colourant that must be applied’
    • ‘Now there are more than 3,000 different additives, including a wide range of colourants.’
    • ‘After they are fired, the pieces are sprayed with colorants, primarily red iron oxide.’
    • ‘Lobsters and crabs, as well as some mollusks, worms, and fish species (salmon and trout, for example), use carotenoid colorants.’
    • ‘For instance, there are botanical-based hair colorants rich in herbs such as nettle, sage, red sorrel, rosemary and burdock.’
    • ‘Food additives, such as preservatives and colourants, can also cause skin rashes and wheezing.’
    • ‘Once the choice is made, the computerised dispensing machine adds colourants to the base paints to produce the required shade.’
    • ‘I understand that there is a huge upswing in the sales of hair colourants, especially for the younger girls and boys.’
    • ‘The lattice, with its entwined flowering twig pattern, was finished in pink, bronze, and green by brushing on copper-based colorants.’
    • ‘Correspondingly, plants have been used through unwritten and written history as a source of medicines, fragrances, spices, and colourants.’
    • ‘Hair colourants are safe consumer products when used as directed and many millions of people colour their hair many times a year without any adverse reaction.’
    • ‘It's fine to use hair colourants and perm lotions on your hair, although you may find the results are unpredictable.’
    • ‘Other common additives are antioxidants, stabilizers, and colorants.’
    • ‘Sudan 1's dark red properties make it an ideal colourant for petrol, oils, waxes and shoe polish.’
    • ‘Levels of colourants in the failed samples were not excessive, and gave no cause for alarm.’
    • ‘The chemical industry produces such colorants to stain consumer goods.’
    • ‘Within a few years, a variety of these potentially safer organic dyes began to replace mineral pigments as food colorants.’
    • ‘We have completely changed our school menus to exclude additives and colourants.’
    • ‘To mimic the natural shades of wild salmon, colorants are added to farmed salmon.’
    • ‘These colorants are believed to excite the central nervous system, and have been implicated in stress-related conditions, such as childhood hypersensitivity, attention deficit disorder and certain allergies.’
    • ‘Most tattoo colorants are industrial pigments, and chemical industries have never produced them for human use but only to stain consumer goods.’
    paint, pigment, coloration, dye, stain, tint, wash
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