Definition of colour therapy in English:

colour therapy


mass noun
  • A system of alternative medicine based on the use of colour, especially projected coloured light.

    • ‘You might need aromatherapy, a special diet, color therapy, sound therapy or massage.’
    • ‘Maybe because red is a stimulant in colour therapy, a team in red is more switched on, more alert and aggressive.’
    • ‘The colours are based on colour therapy theories which say that certain colours effect certain organs and moods.’
    • ‘All charged full of vitality and drive, these colors reflect the principles of color therapy and new age philosophy.’
    • ‘For the less energetic, treats for the mind and body included poetry writing, tai chi, beauty makeovers and colour therapy.’
    • ‘Believe it or not, many spas offer something called color therapy.’
    • ‘I use a lot of yoga and colour therapy as well.’
    • ‘‘As a deputy head, I had to do a lot of work with disaffected, demotivated children, and I wanted to use my skills in drama, colour therapy and counselling,’ she says.’
    • ‘She's also tried the herb St John's Wort, homoeopathy, meditation and colour therapy (she rates orange the most effective), as well as conventional drugs.’
    • ‘Homeopathy, light therapy and colour therapy all seek to restore balance to the systems of the human body.’
    • ‘Recipes for remedies, as well as meals, incorporate herbs, edible flowers, and even color therapy.’
    • ‘The hotel itself is also 4-star and comes equipped with pool, colour therapy sauna, steam room, gym, tennis courts and spa.’
    • ‘Similarly, ultra-indulgent home care and self-care products such as herbal facial steamers, ultrasonic tooth brighteners and color therapy visors are being successfully sold at spas.’
    • ‘Sensitivity to colour lies deep within the human psyche and colour therapy has long been a feature of alternative healing.’
    • ‘He added essential oils, herbs, homeopathy, seasonal remedies, minerals and colour therapy to develop a comprehensive system of Energy Medicine that would address the needs of the West.’
    • ‘Aromatherapy incorporates yin and yang, reflexology, shiatsu, pressure points, vibrational healing, colour therapy, crystals and meditation.’