Definition of colour supplement in English:

colour supplement


  • A magazine printed in colour and issued with a newspaper, especially at weekends.

    • ‘But bear in mind that voting yellow might be like signing up to one of those book clubs advertised in the back of colour supplements.’
    • ‘Youngsters who would not look at a newspaper that was meant for their parents, particularly fathers, now avidly go to the colour supplements of the same papers that their parents may not relish much.’
    • ‘The Evening Press will be publishing a special colour supplement next Friday.’
    • ‘The newspaper consists of only two sheets of low quality newsprint, folded into eight pages, but is padded with color supplement pages from another newspaper to make it seem better value.’
    • ‘Simon Jones did something yesterday that no other member of the team has done - he appeared topless on the cover of a colour supplement.’
    • ‘Back in 1962, the UK Sunday Times stopped being just a black and white newspaper and introduced a magazine-style colour supplement.’
    • ‘I know all of these are not necessarily good for my health have you tried lifting all those weekend colour supplements without putting your back out?).’
    • ‘We wanted to try to make the show less like a Sunday sermon and more like a colour supplement.’
    • ‘It was featured in one of the Sunday colour supplements a few weeks ago as one of the last remaining seaside parlours of its type.’
    • ‘I vaguely recall photo spreads of spiky-haired punks in a Sunday colour supplement, but that's it really.’
    • ‘Unlike Havana, however, Las Palmas is completely ignored by the colour supplements.’
    • ‘The weekend colour supplements must surely be the biggest waste of paper in the publishing industry.’
    • ‘Forget what you may have seen in your cinemas, your colour supplements, and your worst nightmares.’
    • ‘I have ordered a leather briefcase from an advert in The Daily Telegraph colour supplement.’
    • ‘And like most Sunday papers worldwide, both have whole forests full of colour supplements and advertising blurb.’
    • ‘The Devon family were like something out of a colour supplement.’
    • ‘It became a prototype for the 1960s colour supplement, defining the look of the decade, influencing pop art and decades of style magazines.’
    • ‘Ian hardly passed anyone as he walked down towards the canal, just a few people walking dogs and/or clutching armfuls of newspapers and colour supplements.’
    • ‘Two years later the first Dead Sea Scrolls began to appear, and they have featured regularly in newspaper colour supplements and in radio and television programmes ever since.’
    • ‘Their lives do not feature in the glossy colour supplements or TV lifestyle programmes.’
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colour supplement