Definition of colour sergeant in English:

colour sergeant


  • A rank of non-commissioned officer in the Army and Royal Marines, above sergeant and below warrant officer.

    • ‘Mr Parker, a former Army colour sergeant who has served in the Middle and Far East with the Royal Marines and Royal Military Police, is not easily shocked.’
    • ‘Bettridge served in the army as a colour sergeant before leaving six years ago to work as a crane driver.’
    • ‘But Ministry of Defence rules dating back to 1947 state family accommodation can only be provided to Gurkhas holding the rank of colour sergeant or above.’
    • ‘He joined the Royal Navy aged 15 and was a colour sergeant in the 1st Battalion, Rhodesia Regiment.’
    • ‘Suddenly, the color sergeant, who carried the flag, crumpled to the ground.’


With reference to the sergeant's responsibility for carrying one of the regiment's colours in a guard of honour.


colour sergeant