Definition of colour phase in English:

colour phase


  • A genetic or seasonal variation in the colour of the skin, pelt, or feathers of an animal.

    ‘a rare smoky-blue colour phase of the black bear’
    • ‘The Ferruginous Hawk has a light and a dark color phase.’
    • ‘Rough-legged Hawks are variable in plumage, with light and dark color phases and variations in between.’
    • ‘The third color phase occurs during the first pelage of young wolves.’
    • ‘Now that we know that such bears can be found, it means we are probably looking at a new color phase or subspecies, which is important to document - or possibly a new species of bear, which would be a major biological discovery.’
    • ‘But whether we can report a new color phase or an entirely new species, it is an important step in cataloging Cambodia's wildlife treasures at a turning point in the country's history.’