Definition of colossal squid in English:

colossal squid


  • An enormous squid found in deep Antarctic and subantarctic seas of the southern hemisphere, which may reach a length of up to 14 metres (46 feet).

    Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni, family Cranchiidae

    • ‘Adelie and emperor penguins, Antarctic petrels and Weddell seals, Ross Sea killer whales and colossal squid all thrive in these remote waters.’
    • ‘Penguins, orcas, minke whales, colossal squid, seals, krill, and a multitude of other animals all call the ice and ocean home.’
    • ‘Colossal squid have occasionally been observed attacking and feeding on Antarctic toothfish as they were being hauled in by fishers.’
    • ‘Sharing the tank with the giant squid is a colossal squid.’
    • ‘A 330-pound, sixteen-foot female colossal squid was caught in early April 2003 in the Ross Sea south of Wellington, New Zealand.’