Definition of Colorado beetle in English:

Colorado beetle


  • A yellow- and black-striped leaf beetle native to America, whose larvae are highly destructive to potato plants.

    Leptinotarsa decemlineata, family Chrysomelidae

    • ‘Although it can now be found in many parts of Europe, the Colorado beetle is not currently found in the U.K.’
    • ‘In 1969, Joyce Bee was commissioned by the Natural History Museum to produce a large watercolour drawing of Colorado beetles.’
    • ‘The irony is sweet: the smell of the potato plant could spell the end for the dreaded Colorado beetle, which ravages millions of dollars’ worth of potato crops every year.’
    • ‘The Colorado Potato Beetle became a pest when settlers brought potatoes into the Rocky Mountain area, the native habitat of this beetle.’
    • ‘In this way potato plants can be protected against Colorado beetles for 2 to 4 weeks.’
    • ‘The Colorado beetle was introduced to Europe from North America and has been damaging potato crops in Europe ever since.’
    • ‘Moreover, it has been observed that in Ukraine, transgenic potatoes lose their resistance to Colorado beetles considerably faster than they should, two or three years instead of the promised five.’
    • ‘Monitor plants for bacteria, fungi, Colorado beetles, wireworms, leafhoppers, aphids, whiteflies, and flea beetles.’
    • ‘The Colorado potato beetle is one of North America's most ravenous and difficult to control garden pests.’
    • ‘The country has been hit by a plague of Colorado beetles that poses a serious danger to potato and tomato crops, according to a report reaching here today.’
    • ‘You can find different vermin of woods, gardens and kitchen gardens there: gipsy moths, codling moths, armoured scales, Colorado beetles.’
    • ‘Potatoes genetically improved to prevent Colorado beetle destroying the crop have already been consumed in North America for years.’
    • ‘The unanimous testimony of the farmers who saw this problem in their fields is that the large number of Colorado beetles appeared a day after unidentified planes flew over the area.’
    • ‘Immature Colorado beetles or larvae are between 3-10 mm long with black heads and deep orange/brown to pinkish red bodies.’
    • ‘During the late 1940s I remember helping my uncle to search for Colorado beetles in his potato patch.’
    • ‘And in the case of wasps, mosquitoes, Colorado beetles and ants, I actually do my own killing.’
    • ‘Unlike its colleague in devastation, the desert locust, the Colorado beetle changes its habitat.’
    • ‘Anyone who grows potatoes is familiar with the Colorado potato beetle.’
    • ‘Different varieties of vegetables attract specific bad bugs - potatoes, for instance, are the favourite food of the Colorado beetle.’


Late 19th century: named after the state of Colorado.


Colorado beetle

/kɒləˌrɑːdəʊ ˈbiːt(ə)l/