Definition of colonial cringe in English:

colonial cringe


NZ, Australian
  • The view that one's own national culture is inferior to the cultures of other countries, especially the United Kingdom.

    ‘the economic debate is overwhelmed by the colonial cringe’
    ‘it's not colonial cringe to use overseas research’
    • ‘The colonial cringe remains part of our national identity.’
    • ‘With the events of September 11 and beyond, the response of the quality press in Australia has been disappointing, with a pervasive whiff of the colonial cringe.’
    • ‘A nice example of this colonial cringe is the Business Roundtable's annual celebration of "Tax Freedom Day", the day on which they deem that we have paid our taxes with all our subsequent income tax-free.’
    • ‘The Auckland writer will write about culture from colonial cringe to the growth of local art.’
    • ‘Not a single Australian publisher, and you have to say that was partly due to the colonial cringe that they thought nothing could come out from the colonies unless it was first published in England.’
    • ‘She believes Australia also continues to suffer from a "cultural colonial cringe", which gives a holiday at Kuta Beach in Bali more cache than a holiday at Coolangatta, although it is arguable which is the better experience.’
    • ‘He was certainly a great leader and a man who partially brought Australia out of the colonial cringe it had so long inhabited.’
    • ‘So, why not the Southern Cross on the Australian flag leaving that other colonial cringe off.’
    • ‘This is simply the colonial cringe in action.’
    • ‘There is apparently an aspect of colonial cringe in retaining appeals to the Privy Council.’