Definition of colobus in English:


(also colobus monkey)


  • A slender leaf-eating African monkey with silky fur, a long tail, and very small or absent thumbs.

    Genera Colobus and Procolobus, family Cercopithecidae: several species

    • ‘They began by sequencing the SEMG2 gene in humans, chimpanzees, pygmy chimpanzees, gorillas, orang-utans, gibbons, macaques, colobus monkeys, and spider monkeys.’
    • ‘At least one species of monkey, the red colobus, was hunted to extinction, in part because logging roads gave hunters greater access to their previously unreachable habitat.’
    • ‘Animals include duikers, eland and colobus, vervet and blue monkeys.’
    • ‘There are also thousands of fossils of animals, such as colobus monkeys, pigs, birds, rodents, and even carnivores like hyenas and big cats.’
    • ‘The forest contains a wealth of birds and other animals like the bushbuck which are easily glimpsed between ancient cedar trees or the striking black and white colobus monkeys climbing along their branches.’


Modern Latin, from Greek kolobos ‘cut short’.