Definition of colloquially in English:



  • See colloquial

    • ‘Put colloquially, the vision of multiculturalism is that you don't have to be same to be equal.’
    • ‘Unchecked, it leads to changes in posture, particularly in the form of a hunched back known colloquially as dowager's hump, and decreased mobility.’
    • ‘I know I can write colloquially but I really do lose confidence when I have to prepare formal briefing papers.’
    • ‘To find your real e-mail, you must wade through the torrent of fraud and obscenity known politely as " unsolicited bulk e-mail " and colloquially as spam.’
    • ‘Countries in permanent crisis, with the population at subsistence level, more or less chaotic, but without total civil strife, are known colloquially as ‘basket cases’.’