Definition of collider in English:



  • An accelerator in which two beams of particles are made to collide.

    • ‘You need to smash two beams head-on in a collider, because the center-of-mass energy is the sum of the energies in the two beams.’
    • ‘But how can we ever hope to make meaningful measurements at this scale when we have such difficulty building particle colliders to work at the comparatively lowly Higgs scale?’
    • ‘For technical reasons, it is easier to do that test at RHIC by colliding deuterons accelerated in one of the collider's two rings with heavy nuclei in the other ring.’
    • ‘The use of an asymmetric collider to produce B particles was first proposed in 1987 by Pier Oddone, then head of Berkeley Lab's Physics Division and now one of the Lab's deputy directors.’
    • ‘It is important too, for use in high-luminosity linear electron - positron colliders where the focus is extremely tight, to know whether or not detectors can separate collision results from background radiation.’