Definition of colleger in English:



  • (at Eton College) a pupil who boards in the school itself rather than in the town.

    Compare with oppidan
    • ‘As captain of Eton collegers he was one of the last to benefit from the ancient custom of Montem, a day given over by the school for the pecuniary benefit of the college captain before he departed for university.’
    • ‘His early experience in Long Chamber, the collegers' dormitory, and his previous harsh experience at Ilminster influenced his later thinking on educational reform.’
    • ‘Leigh entered Eton College as a colleger in 1852; in 1858-9 he played cricket for the school.’
    • ‘In 1841 there had only been 37 collegers against an estabIishment of 70.’
    • ‘The wall game is played on only one ground in the world, at Eton College, a few miles west of London; and even there, only by a select few of the school's 70 "collegers".’
    • ‘The 11 ft-high, 118-yard long wall against which the game is played is owned by the Collegers, the team which represents the scholars.’
    • ‘The collegers regarded him as a kind adviser and friend, and in 1850 gave a font and cover to the college chapel as a tribute of their regard.’
    • ‘For several generations the headmaster, who was the subordinate officer of the provost, had been an Eton colleger and scholar of King's College, Cambridge.’
    • ‘The collegers came from a wide social range, though conditions in College were bad and the boys much neglected until the reforms brought in by Provost Hodgson (1840-53).’
    • ‘He attended a private classical school, Ilminster grammar, before going on to the Eton College of Dr Keate and Dr Hawtrey, where he eventually became captain of the collegers.’