Definition of college of education in English:

college of education


  • An institution where schoolteachers are trained.

    • ‘Twenty-five colleges of education would become subdivisions of technikons or universities from the end of next month, the Education Department said yesterday.’
    • ‘Dr. Lee Jones, associate dean of the college of education at Florida State University, says he believes that young Black men are not learning to handle themselves in ways that demonstrate courtesy to the women they date.’
    • ‘What is not clear is whether these are fresh graduates coming through the colleges of education, or whether the quality issues relate to the large number of teachers being recruited from overseas.’
    • ‘In this study, the author examined the beliefs about teaching held by pre-interns entering a college of education holistic program.’
    • ‘For example, this year Texas needs 30,000 new teachers, but its colleges of education produced only about 16,000 graduates.’
    • ‘I became very conscious of the marginality of teacher educators in the eyes of heads of schools when I was a senior lecturer in an English college of education.’
    • ‘Under a paid contract from USAID, a committee from the college of education within the Egyptian university put together a detailed proposal on how the laboratory would be used, run, and maintained.’
    • ‘The time has come to modify that plan, supporters say, if the state is to meet the challenging needs of a booming student population that is taxing the public schools, community colleges and colleges of education.’
    • ‘With the passing of the No Child Left Behind Act in 2001 several changes have been implemented that require states, colleges of education, school districts and others to rethink ways to improve teacher certification.’
    • ‘LOUIS CASTENELL JR., dean of the college of education at the University of Georgia, was recently named to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, a national education reform organization.’
    • ‘I'm sure she is correct for Americans broadly but to the extent that she is also correct for the schools and colleges of education that prepare elementary school teachers-and I suspect she is-this is a damning indictment.’
    • ‘There is a significant lacuna between what we know scientifically and what our teachers are being provided with in their colleges of education.’
    • ‘Teacher-training programs for regular and special-education teachers often coexist within colleges of education, but rarely are classes jointly taught by regular and special-education professors.’
    • ‘‘Children are born with an abiding interest in their environment,’ says Angela Rickford, associate professor in the college of education at San Jose State University.’
    • ‘For colleges of education the problem is even more insidious in that we risk convincing another generation of teachers that the didactic approach has more value then it actually has.’
    • ‘The principal and teachers are qualified under the Department of Education and Science regulations, in addition to being fluent speakers of Irish, while the assistants are trainee teachers at one of the colleges of education.’
    • ‘Although curriculum and instruction programs are housed in the college of education, these programs were determined, a priori, based on program coursework, not to be defined as leadership programs of study.’
    • ‘Dr. Martin L. Johnson, associate dean of the college of education, serves as the institute's director.’
    • ‘Not everyone is a naturally effective teacher, but outside of a college of education, how many faculty formally learn how to become effective teachers?’
    • ‘Some of the smaller colleges of education would be able to train more teachers if they were funded by the government.’