Definition of college-bound in English:



  • Going or intending to go to college.

    ‘advice for parents of college-bound teenagers’
    ‘if you are college-bound, the chances are that you will have to take the SAT’
    • ‘The fairs offer an opportunity for college-bound students interested in music, arts and other related disciplines to meet with admission representatives from educational institutions with specialized programs in the visual and performing arts.’
    • ‘They planned it, baked cakes and washed cars to come up with the award in his name, which will be given to a college-bound senior to help buy books.’
    • ‘Many states provide scholarships and loans for college-bound students.’
    • ‘At this time of year, many parents of college-bound students approach their mailboxes with great anticipation.’
    • ‘Most families of college-bound seniors have already completed financial aid applications and will receive award offers soon.’
    • ‘I didn't really expect it to be like the movies, but I had the same hopeful aspirations every college-bound senior has.’
    • ‘The percentage of college-bound high-school graduates pursuing engineering careers has consistently ranged around 9 percent over the past 30 years.’
    • ‘Parents who thought that their college-bound children were beginning a journey away from parental dependence are finding that the journey was a round trip.’
    • ‘Bobby is a smart boy with a bright future—he gets good grades and is college-bound.’
    • ‘You and your college-bound kids can get the inside scoop on campus culture at more than 800 universities from the people who really know—the students.’