Definition of collector in English:



  • 1A person who collects things of a specified type, professionally or as a hobby.

    ‘an art collector’
    • ‘For car collectors or pop culture fanatics, Cruise O Matic is a delightful Sunday drive through the past.’
    • ‘Most data collectors were hired and trained to do all of these procedures, although some were hired and trained to do parent interviews only.’
    • ‘Among collectors and art professionals these reprints are called Heisei editions.’
    • ‘Trained data collectors administered the questionnaire during school hours in classroom settings.’
    • ‘His priceless collection of first editions and lavishly illustrated volumes is expected to attract the attention of book collectors all over the country when it goes under the hammer this week.’
    • ‘In the 1980s, as art collectors began to turn their attention to cartoon stills, Jones made a killing by selling his original artwork for breath-taking amounts of money.’
    • ‘Ebay has an established community of art collectors and professional dealers with good knowledge.’
    • ‘In it, we follow fictional aboriginal American artist Joe Hill, who finds himself collecting trash off the side of the highway and then turning it into art to sell to collectors.’
    • ‘Western collectors of Benin art are obsessed with antiquity.’
    • ‘These customers include coin, knife and book collectors, and people who collect baseball cards and NASCAR memorabilia.’
    • ‘Once more we are reminded that no one really owns art, that all collectors are temporary custodians.’
    • ‘He was a member of a large merchant family with diverse business interests, and he had four brothers who also were enthusiastic art collectors.’
    • ‘While it's largely the Non-Resident Indians who buy Indian art, mainstream collectors too seem to taking an interest.’
    • ‘Photography is still huge being the second most popular form of art for collectors [according to The Guardian].’
    • ‘While China and Japan have long been the traditional favorites with American collectors, the arts of South Asia and India have been steadily gaining ground.’
    • ‘Bonnycastle also points out that an art book gives collectors more reassurance about an artist's longevity.’
    • ‘Record prices were also paid for paintings by Ram Kumar and Jagdish Swaminathan and buyers ranged from Indian American collectors to art gallery owners.’
    • ‘Even as recently as ten years ago, a book collector had to be something of a detective.’
    • ‘As museums have taken notice of picture book art, so have collectors.’
    • ‘Now one of the strengths of Libri's Histoire is the large number of quotes from original sources, so it was natural that Libri should be an enthusiastic collector of rare books and manuscripts.’
    penny-pincher, pinchpenny, niggard, cheese-parer, scrooge
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  • 2An official who is responsible for collecting money.

    ‘a tax collector’
    • ‘Street collectors will help raise money to stage future galas.’
    • ‘When their turn came to come before the rent collector the money was counted and it was found to be two pence short.’
    • ‘The amount raised reflects the very hard work and dedication of a large number of voluntary organisers and collectors who raise the bulk of the money.’
    • ‘It has nothing to do with the essence of running a business - businesses are simply unpaid tax collectors for the Government.’
    • ‘Charity bosses branded a wave of bogus money collectors who preyed on visitors to Royal Ascot as ‘lowlife’.’
    • ‘The money collector, whom we will call Blueshirt for the purpose of this story, was bound to crack under the strain.’
    • ‘I'm sure the tax collectors will find a way to make sure that government revenues are not depleted.’
    • ‘Thank you also to the collectors, the money collected will be used to fund a Laois project to Tanzania for women and children.’
    • ‘I have borrowed a lot of money from a door-to-door collector, about £400.’
    • ‘This reflects the hard work of many voluntary organisers and collectors who raised most of this money.’
    • ‘Fundraisers at the Sydenham-based charity joined police in urging residents not to hand over money without checking identification, which all official collectors carry.’
    • ‘As production increased, a standardized oil barrel became more important, both for businessmen and for government tax collectors.’
    • ‘Strikes by coal miners, tax collectors and customs officials are also expected to take place over the next few weeks.’
    • ‘Tax collectors had a reputation of extorting more money than required and pocketing the excess.’
    • ‘Local residents have claimed that one cause of the crisis is that bogus rate collectors are taking the money they collect, so it does not get paid to the council.’
    • ‘But, beyond collecting the money for the government, the tax collector had to collect enough to cover his expenses and profits.’
    • ‘It starts with the drivers or money collectors grabbing customers on the understanding that the bus is leaving soon and making them pay very quickly.’
    • ‘The tax collector sits at the money table with his cronies.’
    • ‘He said that there is a lot of money not getting to the tax collectors because people prefer to go for cheaper models rather than pay the 30%.’
    • ‘As the army of volunteer collectors swing into action, armed Gardai will be placed at strategic locations to insure the safety of the collectors and the money.’
    messenger, courier, errand boy, messenger boy
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    1. 2.1 An official who collects tickets from bus or train passengers.
      ‘the ticket collector closed the gates’
  • 3(in some South Asian countries) the chief administrative official of a district.

    • ‘Praveen Garg, district collector of Khandwa, after visiting the area announced that district administration would undertake the revival initiatives.’
  • 4Electronics
    The region in a bipolar transistor that absorbs charge carriers.

    • ‘According to another embodiment, the second cover is dielectrically isolated from a current collector.’
    • ‘The fractional surface contacts may be associated with the emitter, a barrier, or the collector.’
    • ‘The shutter selectively blocks and permits the passage of the ionization electrons to the collector.’
    • ‘Alternatively, the trap can be a collector separate and apart from the electrodes of the light source.’
    • ‘The collector, emitter and gate conductive pillars are respectively connected to the external collector, emitter and gate electrodes with calking.’
    scavenger, scrounger, forager, gatherer, accumulator
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