Definition of collectively in English:



  • As a group; as a whole.

    ‘the vast range of resources that the American people collectively own’
    ‘the audience collectively winced’
    • ‘The United States collectively emits some 25 percent of the world's greenhouse gases.’
    • ‘Collectively, these archived interviews provide a detailed insight into the filmmaker, who straddles genres and themes with great focus.’
    • ‘All the novels you have collectively written so far are historical ones.’
    • ‘Viewed collectively, all these imprecise images speak expressively of his key virtue—his remarkable selflessness.’
    • ‘The individuals collectively owned 50 percent of the voting interests.’
    • ‘We collectively felt that we wanted it to stand alongside all the other Beatles albums, and hopefully, we've achieved that.’
    • ‘The entire team's effort collectively created an inspiring performance.’
    • ‘This could be an important step toward publicly and collectively resisting these pressures, toward rebuilding the pedagogy course on our own terms.’
    • ‘Collectively, the two books make several important arguments in our consideration of plagiarism in a postmodern culture.’
    • ‘In addition to recruitment, we need to collectively work on mentoring these individuals.’