Definition of collected in English:



  • 1(of a person) calm and self-controlled.

    ‘outwardly they are cool, calm, and collected’
    • ‘When he is healthy, the cool, calm, collected Pope is America's best defender.’
    • ‘‘I'll ask you once more nicely, who and what are you,’ he said it in the same calm and collected tone as before.’
    • ‘Once established, I passed the controls to a calm and collected student copilot.’
    • ‘The captain, surely a typically calm and collected Norwegian, knows that some of the refugees will commit suicide if he turns towards Indonesia.’
    • ‘I'd take some time for calm, collected thought before condemning anyone, and much longer still before undertaking any form of punishment.’
    • ‘Amalia was normally a very collected individual.’
    • ‘The transition from life in Cape Town to being a leader both on the tennis team and on campus in general, however, was not as easy at the calm and collected Loken made it appear.’
    • ‘So it's interesting to note Simpson's own calm and collected views on the matter, which is one of the most emotional moments in a film of high drama and tension.’
    • ‘So under the cool, calm, collected exterior, Spader is, as his old friend and fellow actor Eric Stoltz puts it, ‘a tad eccentric’.’
    • ‘No, I've been a long admirer of the cool, calm, collected way that Howard approaches things.’
    • ‘So if you see me staggering around clutching at my stomach being followed by a very calm and collected guy with an accent, you'll know what's going on.’
    • ‘He didn't seem put off or nervous, and the fact that he was so collected helped put Lucas more at ease.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, a cool, calm and collected Michael started the engine, grabbed a gear and shot off down the road.’
    • ‘Let's try to find out in a calm, cool and collected way what the facts were, what the facts are and how we correct it.’
    • ‘The usual slightly high-testosterone atmosphere will be temporarily replaced by the forced pretence of a soothing cool, collected calm.’
    • ‘The trouble is, in the coming days I am going to have to play an active, cool, calm and collected part in the birth.’
    • ‘In the dressing-room, the cool, calm and collected Leishman called for ‘more of the same’, according to Jack.’
    • ‘He's so cool, calm and collected that he keeps me in check.’
    • ‘Well, for a pretty collected guy, Blake can sure break down easily, especially in the safest of places.’
    • ‘They were not shouting for joy but, in a calm and collected way, were content with their performance.’
    calm, cool, cool, calm, and collected, as cool as a cucumber, cool-headed, self-possessed, composed, controlled, self-controlled, poised
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  • 2attributive (of individual works) brought together in one volume or edition.

    ‘the collected works of Shakespeare’
    • ‘Shakespeare made use of 17, 677 words in his collected works.’
    • ‘Hendrik, their second child, went on to attend the University of Leiden and, becoming a famous scientist in his own right, was the editor of his father's collected works.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, in order to appreciate the play, you do not have to have read Barthelme's collected works, of which there are volumes.’
    • ‘His collected works of 24 volumes are far from complete, and he left a huge archival heritage that resides in St. Petersburg.’
    • ‘But the volume of my collected works would likely equal a decent sized novel.’
    • ‘For there, over the last two weeks, has emerged the stunning revelation that foreign secretary Jack Straw claims to be a devoted reader of Lenin's collected works.’
    • ‘Look at the collected works of Sandra Bullock for your proof.’
    • ‘He reads the collected works, all thirteen volumes, circling through them as if they have no beginning or end, which they do not.’
    • ‘Librettos were also, however, published as part of a poet's collected works, in well-printed and handsomely bound editions.’
    • ‘However, he also edited the collected works of Christoffel and volumes 14, 15, 16 of Euler's collected works.’
    • ‘Editions of his collected works were published in 1889 and 1915; an edition of his letters followed in 1933.’
    • ‘My eldest cuts straight to the chase with the collected works of Chris Ryan, and his younger brother has gone through the entire Darren Shan cycle, where the dilemma at the end of each chapter is who to kill next.’
    • ‘4,000 of these now make up six volumes of his collected works.’
    • ‘In the early days I liked having a thick brick of 1.4MB disks to hold my collected work.’
    • ‘We have also taken steps to publish the collected works of Sri Sankaracharya in four languages - English, Hindi, Malayalam and Sanskrit.’
    • ‘This ‘brand’ quality of Kruger's collected works proves to be its primary weakness in the context of a museum retrospective.’
    • ‘Among Dedekind's other notable contributions to mathematics were his editions of the collected works of Peter Dirichlet, Carl Gauss, and Georg Riemann.’
    • ‘That's why dinner table conversations which find themselves recounting experiences of domestic repairs these days can begin to sound like the collected works of Edgar Allan Poe.’
    • ‘It is impossible to do full justice to a poet's collected work in a short review, but I must end by lodging a small complaint against Kizer.’
    • ‘You can read Dembski's collected works and learn nothing about specified complexity beyond what Hartwig describes.’
    1. 2.1 (of a volume or edition) containing all the works of a particular person or category.
      ‘the first collected edition of Mozart's works’
      • ‘A collected edition of his writings, Tutti gli scritti, was published in 1978.’
      • ‘In the Preface to the collected edition of Manx Notes and Queries, Roeder wrote.’
      • ‘Perhaps what British artist and theorist Yve Lomax does best in this collected volume of her writings is show that theory doesn't bite if you play with it.’
      • ‘My brother had been urging me for some time to try to get Hamilton's papers republished in a collected edition, and this project was a matter of common interest to Conway and me.’
      • ‘The collected edition of Josquin's music gives the impression of a prolific composer.’
      • ‘The collected Manuscript Remains show Schopenhauer's greatest book in a process of composition over a period of almost ten years.’
      • ‘A collected edition of the plays, known as the First Folio, was printed in 1623, seven years after his death.’
      • ‘Seth's latest work is the in-progress series Clyde Fans, a collected volume of which has just been released by Drawn and Quarterly.’
      • ‘Biswell, at the end of this fine study, complains that there is no collected edition of Burgess's works.’
      • ‘I tried to correct it fifteen years later for the collected edition of my works, but even then I was convinced that the story did not succeed.’
      • ‘Apart from collected editions, this poem has been reprinted twenty-seven times, and some are variants.’
      • ‘That first instalment sealed the deal for me, but in reading the collected editions, I realise just how quickly Hewlett and Martin grew as creators.’
      • ‘Finally in 1773 a collected volume was produced.’
      • ‘It made me regret anew that McClelland & Stewart had rejected P.K.'s offer of a collected edition while I was their poetry editor.’
      • ‘Why couldn't Dickens have changed parts in Great Expectations before a collected edition?’
      • ‘A collected edition of his poems was published as Hesperides.’
  • 3Riding
    (of a horse) moving with a shortened stride and with its hind legs correctly placed to achieve balance and impulsion.

    ‘many top riders that instinctively ride a horse collected cannot explain the theory’
    • ‘Peters believes it has to do with his tendency to swing in his tempi changes and to pace laterally in his collected walk, and is circumspect about his final placing.’
    • ‘‘Mary taught me how to ride a collected canter today,’ she says breathlessly.’