Definition of collapsible in English:



  • (of an object) able to be folded into a small space.

    ‘a collapsible bed’
    • ‘And members of Ribble Valley Council's Planning and Development Committee have now given a revised scheme for collapsible netting the go-ahead.’
    • ‘The new steering is collapsible in the event of impact.’
    • ‘Jane has also designed a collapsible sandwich box which folds to A5 size and a coffee and doughnut holder.’
    • ‘Penroyde & Prasad suggests creating a mobile unit with collapsible furniture so the council could tour the district.’
    • ‘The Corsa sold in Europe comes with an option of a collapsible steering wheel while there is no such option available in India.’
    • ‘Buildings, whole swimming pools, sports halls and stadiums will be collapsible to send them round the country to places that need them afterwards.’
    • ‘The tote bags and collapsible crates can be stored flat and take up minimal space when they are not being used.’
    • ‘In the chilly evenings, ridiculously seated on striped, collapsible beach chairs that blew over the second we got up, we cooked and ate outside wrapped in warm fleeces and woolly hats.’
    • ‘The collapsible wood and canvas bed is assembled from three basic folding X-frame stools.’
    • ‘However, it was the Titanic disaster that sounded the death knell for his collapsible armada with the introduction, paradoxically, of strict new lifeboat regulations.’
    • ‘They could install collapsible bollards in the doorway which could be raised at night, but roller shutters - absolutely not.’
    • ‘A collapsible boat approved by the Board of Trade may be able to carry about 50 persons in calm weather.’
    • ‘We pass some Dutch backpackers with collapsible walking sticks and all the pro gear who seem to be stopping every hundred meters or so to rest and light up more Marlboro Reds.’
    • ‘The girl's mother also was found, curled up inside the car's trunk, and the girl's brother, who is about 9 years old, was found underneath the collapsible back seat.’
    • ‘Lately there's been a proliferation of Patented Umbrellas, which have those collapsible drinking cup-like sheaths on the tip.’
    • ‘My investigations have exclusively revealed that one of Kraftwerk's members owns a collapsible bike.’
    • ‘‘The first time I flew on Concorde, they brought me a collapsible coffee table and put champagne and canapés on it,’ she said.’
    • ‘We no longer have to make do with the grubby white plastic garden furniture and collapsible click sun beds that were so popular a few years ago.’
    • ‘The upper lens is enclosed on three sides by collapsible shutters, shielding the upper lens from reflections and ensuring proper focus.’
    • ‘Not to mention ensuring that the two brackets on each window were actually level and not so far apart that our collapsible curtain rods from Pottery Barn actually, well, collapsed.’