Definition of collaboratively in English:



  • In a way that is produced by or involves two or more parties working together.

    ‘the guidelines have been developed collaboratively between key agencies’
    • ‘It has been very rewarding for me to work collaboratively with people from around the state.’
    • ‘In a recent survey, we found that most people would prefer to see a physician who works collaboratively with a psychologist.’
    • ‘There's going to be a need to work more collaboratively with people in government.’
    • ‘A flexible beef network is a strategic alliance of farmers that collaboratively produce beef products.’
    • ‘The system can enable two or more designers to work on the same sketch collaboratively on the Internet.’
    • ‘You can work on developing skills to think collaboratively.’
    • ‘Working collaboratively is especially suited to online discussions.’
    • ‘Throughout the history of literature, authors have worked collaboratively.’
    • ‘Residency programs must demonstrate they are teaching residents to work collaboratively with other professionals before they graduate.’
    • ‘My students worked collaboratively with each other in solving authentic technology-based design problems.’