Definition of colinearity in English:



mass nounGenetics
  • The relationship between the linear sequence of nucleic acid bases in the DNA of the gene and the sequence of amino acids in the protein encoded by the DNA.

    • ‘However, a number of genes not showing any colinearity were also identified.’
    • ‘However, temporal colinearity of Hox gene expression and compact Hox clusters have so far only been described in the cephalochordate, amphioxus, and in vertebrates, but not in Cnidaria, Lophotrochozoa, or Ecdysozoa.’
    • ‘Ironically, our studies establishing gene - protein colinearity were performed with an enzyme consisting of two polypeptides encoded by adjacent genes in E. coli.’
    • ‘The order and colinearity of these genes seems not to be disrupted between the two species.’
    • ‘The almost perfect colinearity of chromosome 20 sequence in humans and mouse could be interpreted as evidence that their form was ancestral to primates.’