Definition of coley in English:


nounPlural coleys

  • another term for saithe
    • ‘Uncle Gordon turned up with a bag full of coleys, which he said he had caught fishing.’
    • ‘They may not look especially appetising, but fish like coley and conger eel are back on the menu as fisheries leaders try to plug them as part of National Seafood Week.’
    • ‘Ask your fishmonger what is best - in season - for fish pie: cod, haddock, coley, hake, whatever he recommends’
    • ‘As a youngster he fished off the rocks for the usual species of cod, pollack, coley, wrasse, mackerel and dogfish with the odd plaice or eel.’
    • ‘The chain had been serving 17 tonnes of cod a year, but simply replaced them with fish such as coley, rock salmon, whiting and plaice.’


1960s: perhaps from coalfish.