Definition of cold steel in English:

cold steel


  • Weapons such as swords or knives collectively.

    ‘I say to you, give lawbreakers cold steel!’
    • ‘So much for rhetoric, always preferred by politicians and other hail fellow well met charmers to the cold steel of logic.’
    • ‘There's only one language that these animals understand, and that is cold steel.’
    • ‘Swords clashed, cold steel shining in the candlelight.’
    • ‘Yet to Muscat's credit, though he plays by the sword he accepts being put to the cold steel when it is wielded by those publicly lambasting him.’
    • ‘There'll be cold steel for the crowd, no quarter and the amphitheatre will end up looking like a slaughterhouse.’
    • ‘Instead, the Scots flanked their static English foe and fell on them with cold steel.’
    • ‘In the old days a man would have sent a gun boat, shown them the glint of cold steel, perhaps blown a few from the mouth of a cannon as an example to the rest.’
    • ‘Or does the thought of real cold steel in the belt of that twitchy fellow over by the reference books chill the life out of the adage?’
    • ‘Hitherto the tribesmen had been armed with matchlocks, daggers, and swords and had relied especially on the sudden charge from ambush and on cold steel.’
    • ‘Then, he heard the hiss of cold steel as the gatekeeper drew its katana.’