Definition of cold start in English:

cold start


  • An act of starting an engine or other machine at the ambient temperature.

    ‘electronic injection control makes cold starts easier’
    • ‘Adding one or two pre-injections stops smoke generation just alter a cold start, ‘which also reduces combustion noise.’’
    • ‘Manage cold starts so that excessive wear is avoided.’
    • ‘After the ready light comes on and before the engine starts, the heated coolant is released into the head, substantially increasing the core temperatures in the head avoiding turn condensation during cold starts.’
    • ‘Secondary air delivered by an electric pump after a cold start was added to speed warm-up of the RX - 8's catalytic converter.’
    • ‘The hot coolant is dumped into the engine when there's a cold start.’
    • ‘Other improvements to the MPT vehicles include improved engine performance and enhanced clutch design for better hill climbing and better cold starts.’
    • ‘This deals with the heavier demands placed on a car in winter conditions, as cold starts plus increased use of heater systems, headlights and rear demisters all take their toll.’
    • ‘For example, one or two pre-injections of fuel prevent the emission of white and blue smoke just after a cold start and combustion noise is reduced.’
    • ‘On the other hand, we know there are still deficits regarding reliability and cold start.’
    • ‘When we relate this to the average distance travelled, cold starts represent between 28% and 40% of vehicle kilometres (the worst situation being 1981).’
    • ‘Drives have a 50K power cycle rating and spin up in 8 seconds from cold start.’
    • ‘Several short trips taken from a cold start can use twice as much fuel as one trip covering the same distance when the engine is warm.’
    • ‘And cold starts are also a problem because of the leaner mixture.’
    • ‘Enginion says it takes an engine 30 seconds to reach maximum power from a cold start, though the car can drive away before then.’
    • ‘Where a precise injection process can be freely varied to a considerable extent, faster warming up of the catalytic converter and lower hydrocarbon emissions during cold start are achievable.’
    • ‘Temperature behavior and power consumption of the glow plugs is adjusted to the actual requirements of the engine, and voltage during cold start is regulated in four distinct phases.’
    • ‘Now, according to Mercury, carbureted engine owners no longer have to suffer this fate with their new ‘Turn Key Start’ or TKS system, which promises consistent and instant cold starts.’
    • ‘‘This means an electrically driven unit can provide boost from a cold start, just off idle, or in transient response conditions, making boost totally independent of engine speed,’ says Gillette.’
    • ‘A small auxiliary throttle is used as a fail-safe should the Valvetronic system fail, to control fuel tank ventilation, and to improve cold starts.’


  • with object Start (an engine or machine) at the ambient temperature.

    ‘it is possible to cold-start the unit in one hour’
    • ‘He cold-started the pulse drives, which was usually a very, very bad idea in a populated area.’
    • ‘For short distance travel, the public should be encouraged to walk or go cycling instead of ‘cold-starting’ their vehicles which is highly polluting.’