Definition of cola nut in English:

cola nut

(also kola nut)


  • The seed of the cola tree, which contains caffeine and is chewed or made into a drink.

    • ‘Once farmers can easily see the chemicals on their bodies and know how to apply them safely, they will be less likely to pop a kola nut into an open mouth with a contaminated hand or forget to wash off after spraying.’
    • ‘Two men had already asked for her hand in marriage, offering traditional robes, kola nuts and salt.’
    • ‘Extracts of the West African kola nut and leaf (Cola nitida and Cola acuminata) have been used in energy drinks throughout the decades.’
    • ‘A young man eyes a stack of Nigerian movies and then reaches into a small bucket near the register for a kola nut.’
    • ‘Figures of a kneeling pregnant woman holding kola nuts in one hand and a cockerel in the other became popular, copied and recopied from the point of initial inspiration.’
    • ‘The engaged couple must bring the weaver food and kola nuts to keep him awake until it is finished.’
    • ‘The cola nut, one of the original ingredients in Coca Cola, is a popular stimulant in East Africa today and has been since the Europeans first made contact.’
    • ‘Caffeine may be listed on ingredient labels as caffeine, kola nut, tea or green tea.’
    • ‘Guarana is a South American herb used as a natural source of caffeine and can be found as a supplement in energy gels or bars, and cola nut is another natural source of caffeine sometimes found in the ingredient list.’
    • ‘Unoka brought out a kola nut for his guest and after some polite conversation about who should break the nut, Unoka finally did the honors with prayers to his ancestors for life, health, and protection from enemies.’
    • ‘Prior to marriage, the suitor makes several payments of a bride price (including money, kola nuts, salt, and some livestock) to the parents of the prospective bride.’
    • ‘Though he earned his credentials, he never was hired and has had to fall back on the modest job that paid for his education-selling fruit and kola nuts from a large tray balanced atop his head.’
    • ‘The caffeine effect of one teaspoon of kola nut is equivalent to one cup of coffee.’
    • ‘Some alternatives to look for include yerba mate, guarana, kola nut and green tea extract.’
    • ‘In Latin America, S. chicha has seeds which are used as a substitute for cola ‘nuts' and are also reputed to taste like chocolate - not surprising since these trees belong to the same family as the cola nut and the cacao tree.’
    • ‘The main syrup ingredients of kola nut extract and the coca leaves (cocaine, which was found in the original Coke bottles, has long been removed) are the same for all colas.’
    • ‘People's faces were twisted by the shadows of the night and the amphetamine effects of kola nut; they stood and sat in a circle under quick-dripping canopies unable to fend off the monsoon rain.’
    • ‘They grow tubers, bush peppers, cola nuts, and fruits.’
    • ‘A vivacious and charismatic woman, Ami is a busy trader who, over 10 years ago, began her entrepreneurial career by selling a bag full of kola nuts.’
    • ‘Caffeine is a bitter alkaloid found especially in coffee, tea, and kola nuts and used medicinally as a stimulant and diuretic.’


cola nut