Definition of coking coal in English:

coking coal


mass noun
  • Coal suitable for making into coke.

    • ‘The coking coal of Lorraine was welcome to the steelworks of Krupp and others in the Ruhr, and assisted the Second Reich's armaments programme.’
    • ‘For example, town gas was made during the process of coking coal and it was used from 1808 at Soho in Birmingham to light the factory of Boulton and Watt.’
    • ‘Only those bidders who had purchased more than a certain quantity of coking coal from Ukrainian sources in the past two years would be eligible.’
    • ‘China on May 24 said it would scrap tax rebates on exports of coking coal and coke to discourage the sale of the steelmaking ingredients abroad, the Ministry of Commerce reported on its website.’
    • ‘BSP uses 80 per cent of high quality coal, mainly imported from Australia and three coal majors in Australia have stopped supply of coking coal to the plant.’
    • ‘I ask the Minister, who is in the House now, about the Pike River coalfield, which is a major development for New Zealand, with premium coal - a big export earner - and wonderful coking coal for steel production when blended with other coals.’
    • ‘With its economy growing at 8 percent-plus in recent years, China has become a huge buyer of a range of minerals, including iron ore and coking coal.’
    • ‘In 1954, the Iron and Steel Corporation took over control of the Durban Navigation Collieries within the KZN coalfield to ensure a regular supply of coking coal.’
    • ‘BHP is one of the world's largest producers of copper, iron ore and coking coal and also has a petroleum division, while Billiton is a major producer of aluminum, nickel and ferro-alloys and exporter of coal for thermal power stations.’
    • ‘As steel prices have fallen, energy costs have climbed and the price of coking coal has almost doubled to 1,200 yuan per tonne from 700 yuan per tonne last year.’
    • ‘With semi-hard coal expected to be upgraded to hard coking coal, BHP's price increase could be as high as 15-20%.’
    • ‘Steel rod costs jumped 37 percent in the year to March, while coking coal prices increased 39 percent.’
    • ‘The mine has recoverable reserves of 41 million tonnes, mainly hard coking and semi-soft coking coal which is of higher quality than the thermal coal that Yanzhou Coal is currently producing.’
    • ‘Demand for coking coal is also likely to stay ahead of supply because it cannot be shipped out of Australia quickly enough owing to bottlenecks at its ports that won't ease until 2007.’
    • ‘Falling steel prices and skyrocketing costs for raw materials like iron ore and coking coal means next year will only be the second best year in BlueScope's 87-year history.’
    • ‘Coal accounted for 86 per cent of primary exports last year, with BHP dominating by supplying coking coal to Brazil's steel making industry.’
    • ‘It has severely limited exports of thermal and coking coal in a bid to maintain even reduced levels of production in the country's steel industry and smelting sector.’
    • ‘The Kerry Head was one of our ships and it was used mainly to bring coking coal from Cardiff to the old gasworks in Limerick.’
    • ‘The Company owns its own coal mines in West Virginia to supply coking coal for the coke ovens.’
    • ‘The breakdown of co-operation between the Soviet Union and the western Allies led to the creation of a West German state, posing the problems of how to handle Germany and how to ensure adequate coking coal for French steel manufacturers.’