Definition of coin-op in English:



  • A machine which is operated by the insertion of coins.

    as modifier ‘a coin-op launderette’
    • ‘There's an irony here: Bushnell's first great brainchild, Pong, revolutionized coin-op gaming partly because a video screen allows far more gaming possibilities than a pinball table.’
    • ‘The company started off developing coin-op games, Thunderboats and Top Down Racer.’
    • ‘Recoloring is a bit of a trick I've never ventured to but some dry cleaners or coin-op cleaners still do.’
    • ‘But we all know the stick the Saturn had to take, so it was even more pleasing to see what a good job had been made of scaling down the bells and whistles of the incredible coin-op.’
    • ‘Taito were once the king of coin-ops: they created so many classic games, usually in the mould of the cutesy platformer.’
    • ‘I'm not talking about Die Hard Trilogy from Acclaim, but the coin-op from Sega.’
    • ‘Like all of the early coin-ops Frogger was a success outside the arcade, the attraction of having a little frog as a hero was enough to make the game a big success.’
    • ‘For this one we will include everything: coin-ops, PC games, and the new stuff as well as old school.’
    • ‘Although sales have remained stable at about 10,000 units a year, the coin-op business has been on a downward trajectory for years.’
    • ‘Although the condition in which the folks found the business at the end of the day often sent them into a swivet, the places did turn a nice profit. It wasn't long before Papa bought the other two local coin-ops.’
    • ‘Recently, Midway proclaimed that even they were finding the arcade coin-op market too tough to consider it a viable platform.’
    • ‘There's one of those coin-op cars you used to see outside of Ben Franklin, although this one is English.’
    • ‘Operators alike will enjoy this machine because it gives them an affordable game with a small footprint that packs in the best horse racing experience available in coin-op.’
    • ‘Each image represents a a coin-op arcade game from the 80's.’
    • ‘The whole game is punctuated by some upbeat music that seemed to find its origins from the coin-op arcades.’
    • ‘Here at last is a superhero who not only washes his costume at a cruddy coin-op Laundromat, but has his socks ruined when the red and blue colors of his costume run.’
    • ‘Paying for coin-op washing and drying breaks you of the toss-it-in-the-dryer habit.’
    • ‘For now, to lighten my mood up a little, tell me your favorite arcade games (not arcade games transferred to consoles, but real coin-op games, including pinball).’
    • ‘MLB Slugfest was originally scheduled to be released as a coin-op a couple of years ago.’