Definition of cohune in English:



  • 1A Central American palm whose nut is a valuable source of oil.

    Orbignya cohune, family Palmae

    • ‘Vegetation of the Lowlands Subregion is primarily low to high marsh forest, with restricted patches of deciduous seasonal forest and cohune forest.’
    • ‘The latest appearance of Vulture Lake; quite lovely and already mature; cohunes everywhere.’
    • ‘The growth rate of the cohune palm can be increased significantly with regular fertilizer applications.’
    • ‘The former is set in a garden of cohunes, tall, leafy palms that line the pathways, providing shade.’
    • ‘The cohune forest gives way to the riverine forest along river shorelines, where vast amounts of water are found year-round from excessive rain and from the flooding rivers.’
    1. 1.1 The oil-rich nut of the cohune palm.
      • ‘This large rodent makes lots of noise while walking through the dry leaves of the forest or while chewing on the hard shells of the cohune nut, one of its favorite foods.’
      • ‘A family in Flowers Bank Village, Belize breaks the cohune nut for Cohune oil production Family in Isabella Bank, Belize beating Cohune nut for oil production Miriam conducting PEN interview with family in Flowers Bank Village, Belize Miriam (far left) training assistant during an interview on a landowner's farming practices.’
      • ‘However, the high point in cohune nut exports was during World War I, as cohune nuts were used in making the charcoal filters in gas masks during this war.’
      • ‘The cohune nut features prominently in his work but he also uses shell, cow horn and different types of wood.’
      • ‘The cohune nut was an important part of the Maya diet.’


Mid 18th century: from Miskito.