Definition of cogitable in English:



  • Able to be grasped by the mind; conceivable.

    • ‘People should be shown with the help of cogitable examples from their everyday life that to cast their vote for the current regime is to vote for corruption.’
    • ‘A man's cogitable donations, his physical heredity, his moral and mental instincts and capacities are the results of the thoughts and feelings of his previous births.’
    • ‘The moment we mass together for review the long array of the phenomena, the case is altered; the severance becomes not only cogitable, but manifest.’
    • ‘It is also cogitable to use this technology as a hot chemical reactor for two or more components.’
    • ‘For the dilation function different features are cogitable.’
    imaginable, possible
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Late Middle English: from Latin cogitabilis, from the verb cogitare (see cogitate).