Definition of cogency in English:



  • [mass noun] The quality of being clear, logical, and convincing; lucidity:

    ‘the cogency of this argument’
    • ‘Their basic message that peace and security depend on just economic and political practices continues to have cogency and power.’
    • ‘The validity of a viewpoint seemed to hinge on the author's pedigree rather than on the cogency of his argument.’
    • ‘The submissions made to us do not reach the minimum cogency required to persuade me that we should direct a re-hearing of the issue.’
    • ‘If this post lacks my usual cogency and clarity, let me know.’
    • ‘It was replete with mathematical formulas and stated his case with a rare cogency and persuasiveness.’
    strength, force, power, potency, weight, plausibility, effectiveness, efficacy, soundness, validity, foundation
    impressiveness, eloquence, persuasiveness, credibility, influence, conclusiveness, unanswerability, authoritativeness, authority
    Logic, logicality, reasonableness, rationality, lucidity, coherence, good organization, orderliness, methodicalness, clarity, articulateness, consistency, relevance
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