Definition of coffin bone in English:

coffin bone


  • The terminal bone in a horse's hoof (the distal phalanx).

    • ‘Once the disease sets in, the connecting structures between what is called the coffin bone and the membrane inside the outer hoof Laminae degenerate.’
    • ‘Once Laminitis sets in, the structures connecting the ‘coffin bone’ and membrane inside the outer hoof, called Laminae, start to slowly degenerate.’
    • ‘A condition in which the connection between the ‘coffin bone’ in the foreleg and the membrane inside wears away, causing the hoof to fall off, Laminitis is a sure killer in the wild.’
    • ‘Seedy Toe is a loss of lamellar attachments between the hoof wall and coffin bone at the toe.’
    • ‘The horse became lame again and surgery was performed to sever the tendons in both front legs to relieve pressure on his coffin bones.’